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Arlene DeMassaArlene DeMassa, RYT and founder of Yoga Now

I was drawn to yoga because it purifies and integrates body, mind, and spirit.  In my classes, I emphasize on the breath, balance and rounding as a foundation of Asana and begin to introduce yoga into daily life. In 1991, I trained in Denver to be certified as a Callanetics instructor.  I taught Callanetics for two year in West Bloomfield.  I have been practicing yoga since 1999. Yoga has changed my life.  My passion for yoga has led me to open Yoga Now in 2003.   



Daniel GwinnDaniel Gwinn, B.S., J.D., E-RYT

My journey with yoga started over 10 years ago. I was fortunate to have trained with Linda Makowski, E-RYT, and other inspiring teachers for several years. Through my introduction to yoga I attended many workshops including Anusara with Desiree Rumbaugh,  Matthew Sanford, Patricia Walden, Cyndi Lee, Jason Crandell, Shamanasana and Chakra workshops with Nancy McCaochan, Yoga Camp, Inward Bound Yoga in Brooklyn, MI and YAGD Yoga Day in Troy.  I focus my classes on Hatha Yoga and have been told my classes lean towards a gentle, but challenging view of practice. I emphasize a non-judgmental teaching style with a focus on alignment and enhancements to classic yoga postures to lead the student toward his or her edge.



JobProfile (1)Stephanie Williams 200-RYT

I have always embraced yoga throughout my life in some way, shape or form. Being formally trained in ballet, gymnastics and an active athlete, I grew up in constant playful wonder of the body. Since September 2012 I have completed 350+ hours of teaching certification in Integral, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, as well as 300+ hours in Thai massage. I aspire to teach clean and precise yoga, with attention to alignment and structural flow. With attention on the breath and present moment, I guide students to deepen their yoga practice by becoming aware of the subtleties of their bodies, cultivating energy from within, and embracing their spirits. The consciousness I bring to Thai bodywork stems from yogic mindfulness, a nurturing touch and a compassionate heart.


Jim StoutJim Stout RYT

Jim's practice was initially a companion to long-distance running and cycling.  As a lifetime participant and advocate of living a healthy lifestyle, the motivation to achieve sustainable health and wellness through the years led to a more focused practice of Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes, and to the longer posture-holding classes such as those found in Slow Flow Yoga.  This deepening interest led to teacher training and certification which he earned from Jonny Kest in the Spring of 2009.  This journey continues, as he has participated in workshops from Mark Whitwell, Seane Corn, Janet Stone, Saul David Raye, Les Levinthal, Annie Carpenter, Micheline Berry, Matthew Sanford, Max Strom, and Dave Romanelli. His classes are designed to help the student to further their practice, and to discover that beautiful, limitless potential that lies within.


IMG_5563 (1)Jennifer Norber - RYT

Jennifer fell in love with the practice after seeing how profoundly it helped her with back issues and anxiety. she also saw how it helped her children find peace and a sense of calm.  That was just the tip of the iceberg of yoga's blessings in her life.  As a yoga instructor she strives to guide students to be in the now and listen to their inner wisdom.  She shares Reiki, a Japanese healing energy, with her students in class (if they choose) along with occasionally doing frame drum healing as well.

In addition to being a RYT 200 from a Sivananda School, she is a Social Worker, Certified Reiki Master, and Certified Yin Yoga Instructor.  She ofter sings into a frame drum in her classes in order to send healing vibrations to her students as well.  She hopes her class serves as a gift you give to yourself not only while you are on the mat but in your everyday life as well.


IMG_5974Sabrina Atto - RYT

Sabrina Jo Atto was introduced to yoga in 2000, to help ease anxiety and stress.  By weaving yoga into her life she found an opportunity to heal anxiety naturally.  Sabrina received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Karma Yoga.   Since finishing her Yoga Teacher Training she has completed further training in yoga therapy.
Sabrina’s focus is working with individuals and groups who are seeking a holistic or integrative approach toward healing anxiety.
Her approach as a teacher is to work with the student where they are at.  She focuses on building foundations and moving through one’s journey with gentleness.  Teaching yoga has offered Sabrina an opportunity to share the tools and resources she have found beneficial and healing along her personal journey. "










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